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Tomorrow’s Voices - Bermuda Autism Early Intervention Centre was the brainchild of two parents of autistic children, Mrs. Tricia Simons (Crow) and Ms. Thea Furbert. These parents felt that there was a need for a place that could provide hands-on Applied Behavior Analysis/Verbal Behavior services for children on the Autism Spectrum.


With the help of donors, the autism community, friends and family their brainchild became a reality with Tomorrow’s Voices – Bermuda Autism Early Intervention Centre officially opening its doors to clients in October 2007.


Tomorrow’s Voices is designed to meet the individual needs of people who are diagnosed with Autism or on the Autism Spectrum starting at the age of 2 years old.


Autism is characterized by severe and pervasive impairment in several areas of development: reciprocal social interaction skills, communication skills, or the presence of stereotyped (repetitive) behavior, interests, and activities. Our language based programme provides therapy within a Verbal Behavior (VB)/ Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) environment with a maximum of 1:2 therapist-to-child ratio for our clients.


Within Tomorrow’s Voices’ unique generalization framework, our general curriculum teaches each child critical language skills, functional activities, socialization, initiation/spontaneity and generalization of mastered concepts/skills.


These skills are built into every child’s program and individualized to meet his or her learning style and unique needs. The overall goal of Tomorrow’s Voices is to provide our clients with the skills to assist with their reintegration into their neighborhood schools with minimal supervision and to provide all of our clients with a better quality of life through intervention.


Since opening in 2007, Tomorrow’s Voices has grown to an internationally renowned clinical centre providing a range of behavioural and therapeutic treatments and services to individuals with autism spectrum disorders as well as support and training services to their families and the wider community. It has also expanded it services to assist those persons with developmental differences. As the clinic continues to evolve, it has expanded its mission to assist all individuals with autism and developmental differences over their life span. As such, Tomorrow’s Voices has removed restrictions on the age of clients it assists and now provides services into adulthood.


Tomorrow's Voices, through the help of our donors, grants and community support are able to subsidize the cost of therapeutic one-on-one ABA services to the parents & guardians of our clients by an estimate 80%. This gives those parents and guardians the ability to access high end, research based, medically necessary services at an affordable cost to ensure their children access the clinical services they need.

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